Surfaces Decontamination

Surfaces Decontamination

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Although mould issues are increasingly becoming a health hazard in most buildings, they are not the source of contaminants from buildings damaged by water. Wet surfaces and wet building materials release different forms of volatile organic compounds (VOCs) that combine to produce toxic atmospheres.

Thus, it is essential to disinfect contaminated surfaces, including hands, tools/equipment, and clothing, to prevent diseases.

Surfaces decontamination is required after buildings and properties are damaged by water. ·
Water-soaked building surfaces and materials can become contaminated by different kinds of dead organisms. ·
Toxic Mould Has over 30 years of experience in surface decontamination. ·
The phrase Toxic Mould, a phrase coined by the Institute of Medicine from Neurotoxic and Cytotoxic, refers to the solutions offered to building-related health issues.
Hand Decontamination
After getting into contact with any water-damaged building, you must decontaminate your hands. You can do this by:
Washing your hands with soap and water for at least 10 seconds
Wash your fingers, palms, wrists, under the fingernails, back of the hands, as well as your face, for at least 10 seconds.
Dry the washed parts with a clean towel.
Air-dry your hands if there is no clean towel available.
Properly discard any paper towel used.

Tools, Equipment, And Clothing Decontamination
Any clothing, equipment, or tools that have come into contact with a water-damaged surface must be decontaminated by cleaning with soap and water. Where there is no soap or clean water, you can try the following:

Mix ¼ cup of household bleach with a gallon of water.
Sink the clothes in the solution and swirl gently every couple of minutes for 10 minutes.
Once done, retrieve the clothes and wring out the liquid as much as possible before drying.
Insert tools and equipment into the solution for ten minutes. Make sure they are well-drained before sinking them in the solution. Retrieve them after 10 minutes and let them dry out.
Severe Surfaces Decontamination
Toxic Mould offers professional surfaces’ decontamination services with the assurance of 100% results. We conduct thorough water-damaged building assessments to ensure that all areas are well covered. However, on your own, there are a few things you can do to
decontaminate severely contaminated surfaces with mould, dead boy tissues, and
even feces:

Prepare a bleach solution with ¼ cup of bleach and a gallon of water.
Pour the solution into a sprayer.
Cover your nose and mouth with a face mask.
Douse the affected surfaces thoroughly with the solution for and leave for about three minutes.
Clean the sprayed surfaces with a paper towel and discard it immediately.
Prepare another bleach solution with the same quantity of ingredients. But this time, use hand washing bleach.
Respray the surface and let it stay for three minutes.
Wipe the surface with a paper towel and discard.
Wash your hands thoroughly with soap and running water.
Important Things To Consider
It is more effective to prepare the bleach solution before use and let it sit for about 30 minutes.
Do not sink any form of electronic gadget in the water. Instead, wipe their surfaces with the solution.
Always put on protective gear such as gloves and face masks. When dealing with moulds, respirators are recommended.
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