Control and remove moisture

Control and remove moisture

No Moisture, No Mould: Get Rid Of Mould Now!

Mould can be found almost everywhere and is capable of growing on nearly any surface.
However, one essential ingredient for their growth is moisture. During their life cycle, they produce spores that spread the growth by landing on surfaces. Toxic Mould is your best bet to control and remove all moisture-related issues in your buildings that are responsible for producing toxins in the air

Toxic Mould works with a Team of specialized and qualified Indoor Environmental Hygienists.
The team has a combination of twenty years working experience with in-depth know-how of mould eradication and how to control and remove moisture.
We provide state of the art mould and moisture solutions concerning decontamination and air purification
We conduct a thorough building and damp assessments to provide unique, tailor-made solutions to mould and moisture issues.
What Is Mould?

Mould is a type of life form that grows by digesting dead organic materials such as wooden products, paper materials, and so on. Generally, mould can grow almost everywhere as long as there is moisture. And most forms of moulds are not harmful to humans as they do not release toxins. However, current global changes are producing warmer conditions with less ventilation. This has led to the rapid growth of toxic moulds that are hazardous to human life.
Although most forms of mould are visible, some can easily escape attention as they grow
in usually dark and wet places such as areas in the kitchen or bathroom.
How Can You Be Sure You Have A Mould Problem?

Are you suspecting that you have a mould issue in your building? Be completely sure. Here are the things to look out for:

A visible appearance of mould. They take a variety of textures and forms depending on the surface type
Staining or water damage
Mould odour
Constant unexplainable health and respiratory problems, which disappear when you leave the building
Unexplainable health issues in your family living in the same building

Even when mould is visible, the extent of the situation may be hidden behind wallpapers
or cavity walls.

Mould Removal Safety Issues
Tackling mould issues is not straight forward. First, you will need to do the following:

Identify, control, and remove moisture issues. Otherwise, the mould will grow again.

We don’t recommend killing mould with fungicides as dead mould could be even more toxic.
Put on safety materials to protect you from contamination.

We are always ready to provide all necessary guidance on decontamination safety tips.
Why Choose Toxic Mould? How We Can Help You?

As mentioned previously, not all forms of mould can be easily detected. Thus, even though you may have done your best to get rid of the problems you can see, you probably may leave some undetected areas to continue growing mould.

Our team is well-equipped in identifying all water-damaged structural and moisture issues, no matter where they are. We do this by conducting a thorough examination of a building, whether remotely or onsite, until we are a hundred percent sure every corner of the building is covered.

We are ever ready to serve and protect you. For all your solutions regarding moulds
and how to control and remove moisture, contact us:

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