Decontamination of toxic mould

Decontamination of toxic mould

Get Rid Of Toxic Mould The Right Way!

Are you looking for an effective way to decontaminate toxic mould? Well, look no further than the team at Toxic Mould who are all you need to get it done.

We are certified and qualified Environmental Hygienists
We offer both on-site and virtual surveys
We’re particular about accurate investigative work to assess the damage before we begin work
We work with other highly qualified Environmental Hygienists to find lasting solutions to your mould problems
We also assess contractors’ work to ensure that the results and quality meet the required standards

All moulds are allergenic, and some can become toxic and put your health at risk. So, don’t delay before calling in the experts to take care of the problem for you. At Toxic Mould, we are not afraid of getting our hands dirty to not only remove mould but also perform after source removal services.

Why our toxic mould solutions is the best there is!
Toxic Mould is a vital organisation in the industry that goes beyond best practices to find safer and more effective ways to decontaminate mould. Others fail because:

There is little understanding of mould and its development
They use only one chemical to attack all mould forms
They ignore the possibility of airborne contamination

Dead mould can do more harm than the live version, and so the conventional way of decontamination may pose a greater inhalation risk. That’s one more reason to choose Toxic Mould.

We also go the extra mile to decontaminate not only the surface but the air at the site. We have a rigorous process consisting of the decontamination and post-remediation or clearance.

Our decontamination process involves steps compliant to the NHS guidelines for mould removal with the following elements included: ·

Setting up barriers for the control or elimination of the spread of spores or mycotoxin to the uncontaminated areas ·
Barriers have airlocks at the entry and exit in accordance with internationally recognized protocols

Post Remediation or Clearance
We carry out a series of tests to further assess the affected area for cleanliness and determine the success rate. This includes:

A visual survey to detect dust and debris
Air and particle counter test to determine dust levels·
A test to assess the quantity of mould and to identify dead or non-viable ·
The final comparison between the different areas and the standard

How We Do It:
We pride ourselves in accomplishing more within the shortest possible time. And so we have moved a step further from the usual bleaching and wiping off mould or the other conventional filtration methods. We have conducted an experiment to demonstrate this, and so all our methods are fact-based. We, therefore, use state of the art, world-leading air scrubbing methods, and products to bring back the safe, clean air into your building.
Our doors are always open to attend to your needs. Don’t wait until your health is at risk to rid your space of any unwanted growth.
Reach out to us on the contact information below today to get started

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