Identifcation of toxic mould

Identifcation of toxic mould

Mould Doesn’t Pay Rent! Get Rid Of It Fast!

No one wants to live with any kind of mould infestation. Not only do they destroy the
appearance of your building, but they also cause respiratory problems. Despite your best efforts, you may not be able to eliminate mould completely.

Get professional help. Contact Toxic Mould for every kind of mould elimination.
Toxic Mould has a team of qualified and specialized Indoor Environmental Hygienists.

The team provides state of the art solutions for air quality and decontamination
The elimination process comes with an investigation of contaminated properties and building-related illnesses with the provision of solutions and action plans.
The team works with contractors in the decontamination process while ensuring quality results.

Why Choose Us?

With Toxic Mould, your health comes first. We have a team of specialised and qualified Indoor Environmental Hygienists that identify and offer certified decontamination of all forms of toxic mould that may cause building-related illnesses. Our solution comes in four levels - mould investigation, removal, information, and decontamination.
Mould Investigation
We investigate the construction of the building and look for any design defects.
We review the history of water damage as well as lifestyle issues.
We also investigate contaminated properties and damp building-related illnesses to determine the right action plan.
Our investigations focus on the identification of any toxic mould and establishing the causes of their contamination issues.
Mould Removal

We have a team of qualified and specialised Indoor Environmental Hygienists. ·
Our team works with contractors in the decontamination process while ensuring quality in results. ·
We support the contractors by making available the scope of work and after source removal.
We also provide either remote or onsite surveys to ascertain the best ways to decontaminate and make the solutions available to the contractors.
We work hand-in-hand with Dr. Richie Shoemaker's team made up of qualified Indoor Environmental Hygienists to provide state of the art solutions for air quality and decontamination with recognised clearance criteria.
Mould Information

We specialise in the identification of the toxic mould and decontaminating any kind that may be responsible for building-related illnesses.·
Dead mould and its associated fragments, as well as mycelia and its particles, are extremely toxic and hazardous. ·
Every kind of mould is allergenic. However, some types can produce toxins. And these are usually the types found in the interior of buildings. ·
Although mould is present everywhere, present conditions such as warmth with less ventilation and additives in paints have increased the risk of a mould hazard.
Our team has twenty years of experience working with thousands of people and has acquired in-depth knowledge and developed several unique and tailor-made solutions.
Mould is not the only contaminant likely to negatively affect human health in water-damaged buildings.
Our decontamination process investigates and completely eliminates all forms of contaminants that may contribute to the growth of mould and result in health implications.
Aside from active mould growth, the spores released during the life cycle of the mould or during their cleaning and removal are the real hazards.
Identification of toxic mould and the elimination process that follows must be made in a way that does not put the health people at risk.

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